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Daphne Larry Nampitjinpa

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My Country | 30h x 30w | RK320

Not framed or stretched | Acrylic on Belgium Linen

Daphne was born in 1982 in Warakruna, Western Australia. 

She is an artist who paints in the iconic and typical Western Desert style with thick dot work, earthy tones and a heavy use of iconography that maps out the area of her birthplace.

In this painting, Daphne has depicted the area of Warakruna. There are various campsites and ceremonial sites with people being represented by the U shapes. It is at these campsites that Dreamtime stories are told and Women's ceremonies conducted. At these ceremonies, senior women elders gather together to teach their culture and dreamtime stories to the younger women. The different colours represent the land and the various rockholes and sandhills.


The Artery, Sydney NSW
Red Kangaroo Gallery, Sydney NSW

This painting does not come with a photo of the artist holding the work.

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