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Anna Price Petyarre

Anna Price Petyarre, born 1960, is an Anmatyerre woman from the Boundary Bore area of the former Utopia Station, north east of Alice Springs. Anna is also known as Anna Pitjara, Anna Price and Anna Price Pitjara. She is the daughter of the late Glory Ngarla (Ngale, or Ngal) and niece to the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

Anna started painting as a child, surrounded by some of the most notable artists of the region. In 1996, she began her professional artistic career. Her content and stories are wide-ranging, including Body Paint, My Country, Bush Tucker (Yam, Wildflower, Bush Potato) and Women’s Ceremony.  Her style varies from bold linear lines using brightly coloured overlayed strokes (a legacy of her introduction to painting with Batik works), to small and intricate dot work in subdued or monochrome tones.

Anna's artwork has been exhibited extensively Internationally and throughout Australia.