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Bernadine Johnson Kemarre

Bernadine Johnson Kemarre was born c1974, in the Ltyentye Apurte Community (Santa Teresa), approx. 80km east of Alice Springs, Northern Territory. She had a mostly traditional upbringing before attending school in Alice Springs. Bernadine comes from a family of famous artists including Abie Loy and Josie Petrick Kemarre. She is also married to Stephen Pitjara, brother of Anna Price Pitjara.

Her paintings include Bush Medicine that tells the story of bush seeds and leaves that were traditionally used for both bush medicine and bush tucker. This practice was used long before western medicine was introduced. Her artworks are intricate and colourful, and they can usually be hung either way as it is an aerial view.

Bernadine produces some awesome paintings and her colours and detail are amazing. Her paintings have a strong following and are enjoyed by collectors and galleries worldwide. She is an artist to watch and one who is sure to succeed.