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Dulcie Long Pula

Dulcie Long Pula is the daughter of renowned artist Jeannie Petyarre and continues the strong painting tradition of her extended family. She comes from the Utopia region of the Northern Territory, a community that has astounded the art world since Aboriginal people put paint on canvas in the late 1980's. She grew up surrounded by Utopia artists including Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre, Greeny Purvis Petyarre and the Pwerle sisters (Minnie, Emily, Galya, Lizzie and Molly).

Dulcie began her artistic career depicting the interweaving leaves of the Pencil Yam from the Alhalkere Country of her mother. It is an important bush tucker food for Aboriginal people, as well as a significant dreaming story which is celebrated in their Awelye ceremonies. The Pencil Yam and Bush Medicine leaves are a common motif for her and her relatives. 

While continuing her family's tradition of painting this story, Dulcie has also branched out and started to pursue a more individualistic and minimalistic style. Her work has captivating rhythmic strokes and vibrant colours. Her works depict ancestral country where important Awelye ceremonies take place. Fine rows of dots marking out the locations of sand hills, bush scrub, river flood plains and sometimes waterholes and ceremonial sites. 

With an impressive portfolio of painting styles and subjects already to her name, Dulcie continues the Utopia art tradition of creating bold artworks with colour, style and flair.