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Doreen Dickson Nakamarra


Ngurlu (Damper Seed Dreaming)  |  72h x 87w  |  RK229

Not framed or stretched  |  Acrylic on canvas

Doreen Dickson Nakamarra is a Warlpiri woman from a famous painting family. Her Country is the remote community of Willowra (Wirliyajarrayi), 250 km north-west of Alice Springs and 200 km from Yuendumu in the Northern Territory.

She is closely related to Artists Janet Long Nakamarra and Mary Nabarula. The Nakamarra women have, since the beginning of the Australian Aboriginal Art Movement in Central and Western Desert regions, contributed greatly to the popularity of art from these areas.

Aboriginal Art, is proudly 'Country based', reflects the dreamings, culture, traditions of the tribes in their particular part of the Country. The Warlpiri style of painting is distinctive, often rich and colourful and sometimes subtle and delicate, but inevitably precise and focuses on the all important food gathering in this harsh environment, together with the very necessary water courses and soakages (rock holes), the travels of the early tribes to communities and all aspects of the land, fire, lightning, animal tracks and the broad horizon and sky under which they lived and on which they depended for direction.

Doreen’s works include Bush Medicine, Women’s Ceremonies and Bush Tucker Gathering. Her paintings, such as this one, depicting the Damper Seed Dreaming in black and white filigree technique are simply breathtaking.

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