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Delvine Pitjara

Delvine Pitjara (b.1982) is a Utopian artist and sister of acclaimed artist, Anna Price Petyarre. Utopia is located approximately 300km north east of Alice Springs.

Delvine predominately her story entitled 'My Country', which she shares with her sister Anna. In this story, she captures the sandhills, flowers, rivers and waterholes of the Alhalkere landscape using a combination of intricate dots and fine lines to capture the geographical terrain. She paints in a reduced or monochrome palette giving her artworks a contemporary aesthetic (although drawn from her 60,000 year old culture).

Delvine learned her painting skills and stories from her family. Her mother was artist Glory Ngale and she is also related to the famous artists Kudditji Kngwarreye and Emily Kame Kngwarreye, through her grandparents.

Delvine's painting have a strong following and are popular with galleries and collectors.