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Sharon Numina

Sharon Numina is an Anmatyerre artist and one of six sisters and three brothers. Her mother is artist Barbara Pananka Mbitjana. She went to primary school at Stirling Station, a cattle station near Tennant Creek where she began painting at a young age, taking guidance from her world renowned aunties Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre. She later moved to Darwin with her family and continued her studies at Charles Darwin University where she obtained a degree in fine arts. Today, she lives in Darwin with her four sisters, Jacinta, Lanita, Louise and Caroline Numina, who are also well respected artists.

Many women from the Petyarre, Mambitji and Numina family hold custody of the story and are knowledge keepers of stories such as 'Bush Medicine Leaves', 'Bush Tucker', 'Seeded', 'Soakage', 'Womens’ Ceremony'. They hold these in common with other skin groups across the vast arid landscape and desert areas of central Australia. 

Bush medicine leaves - the aromatic turpentine antiseptic variety depicted in this painting - are used for relieving colds, flu, breathing issues and such. It is most often boiled and the resin used in various ways including inhalation or mixed with kangaroo fat and rubbed onto aching bones and sores. The leaves can also be used to wrap around infected wounds to keep clean and reduce pain using natural made string and bark to hold it on. The plant contains antiseptic properties and smells similar to eucalyptus and mixed herbs. It is still used widely today and also features in modern healing or cleansing mainstream gatherings such as premises smoking.

Sharon has been painting for galleries across the country for many years and her works have been purchased by art lovers and collectors worldwide.