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Marlene Young Nungarrayi

Marlene Young Nungurrayi (b. 1970) was born in Papunya, Northern Territory. She is married to Pastor, Adrian Tjupurrula Young and they have two children, Deborah Young and Lydia Young.

Marlene learnt the dreamings of her Father’s and Mother’s Country at a very young age. Her mother’s country extends from Lake McKay, Northern Territory near Western Australia northwest to Lake Anec. Within this stretch of land there are three important dreaming sites (called, Karku, Pilintji and Karilwara). Marlene’s father, Tommy Lowry Tjapaltjarri was a traditional owner of the country extending from Lake Sprenger and Lake Gruszka west to Everard Junction in Western Australia. He was a traditional artist and taught Marlene to lead a traditional lifestyle since an early age. Dr George Takata Tjapaltjarri, her adapted father, is a famous artist who has had a direct influence on Marlene’s painting style.

Marlene paints the Women's dreaming stories. These dreaming stories have been handed down from generation to generation for many thousands of years. She must now keep the stories alive and pass them on to her children so that future generations may preserve them.

Marlene has lived in Papunya and Tjukula for many years raising her family and is now a successful artist painting her dreaming stories for public exhibition. She is a respected member of her people and follows a traditional lifestyle. She paints with passion and enthusiasm, reflecting her personality, acclaiming the spirit of her family, her country and her people.

Marlene’s works have been exhibited in galleries across Australia.