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Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa

Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa was born c.1952 in the bush at Mt. Allan cattle station 50 KM. E of Yuendumu This cattle station is called Yuelamu and is aboriginal owned and run today. Her country is Mt. Wedge and Mt. Allen (Kerrinyarra). She attended school at Yuendumu, returning to Mt. Allan where she worked as a teacher’s aid for three years. She has four children, her daughter Jillian following, in her mother’s footsteps, is an exciting young artist.

Maureen commenced her painting career in 1981; her talent was immediately recognised and she was encouraged by the senior artists of the region and in particular her older sister, Jean Hudson Nampijinpa. Maureen is well educated, and whilst being fully aware of the demands of the contemporary art movement, she paints her traditional dreamings very often in modern imagery which has made her a much sought after and extremely popular artist.

Her Dreamings are associated with Warlukalongu, her father’s and grandfather’s country and depict the Emu and Fire Dreamings of her paternal relatives, together with the Women’s Ceremony from her mother’s country. 

Maureen now resides in Alice Springs with frequent visits to capital cities for painting and exhibitions. Maureen has a distinctive style and at times participates in collaborative works with selected artists. One such collaborative work, Seven Sisters Dreaming, with Alice Springs artist Maggie Urban was exhibited and toured with the “Commitments” exhibition in 1993 through the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Maureen has become a collectable artist whose works are included in National and International Private and Corporate Collections.