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Colleen Wallace Nungarrayi

Colleen Wallace Nungarrayi was born in 1973 on Santa Teresa Mission, approximately one hour from Alice Springs in Central Australia, where she was raised with traditional education and ideals.

Colleen is well known for her precise dot work and use of vibrant colours. Her most popular works are her Dreamtime Sisters series which the Eastern Arrente people call "Irrernte-arenye". It is the role of these ancestral spirit figures to look after their country, to guide their people and guard important areas of land (In particular, sacred and ceremonial sites).

Colleen was also given permission to paint the Yam Dreaming by her grandfather Kenny Tilmouth Panangka. This Dreaming depicts the Pencil Yam, an edible tuberous plant which grows in the Utopia Region. The women pay homage to the spirit of the Yam in ceremonies.

Colleen is by far one of Utopia’s most popular artists with her Dreamtime Sisters series being purchased not only Australia wide but internationally.