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Joycie Morton Petyarre

Joycie Morton Petyarre was born in Alice Springs in 1976 and started painting when she was nineteen. Her mother is Betty Morton, her sister is Cindy Morton and her daughter is Nikita Inkamala. Her husband, Eric Inkamala, is also an artist and they have five daughters and two sons. She lives Soapy Bore in Utopia and Stirling outstation near Ti Tree with her family.

Joycie paints several dreamings that have been passed down from her grandmother, Betty Kemarre. Betty was involved in the Utopia Women's Batik Group. Joycie says "I learnt everything from her grandmother, hunting, bush tucker, dreamings, bush medicine and painting."

She paints medicinal flora found in the country around Ampilatwatja in Central Australia. They are used for soothing skin infections by way of an ointment, or made into a drink to help with coughs and colds. Painting bush medicine stories is important because it helps to maintain a strong knowledge and culture for the community.

Joycie’s paintings have gained a strong following in a short period of time and she is an artist to watch.