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Wally Wilfred

Wally Wilfred is a member of the proud artistic family known as 'the Wilfred’s.' He grew up living on one of the outstations surrounding Ngukurr and only came to live in Ngukurr when he was a young man. Wally's grandfather was the artist Sambo Barra Barra. And his family members are very active with culture, dancing and music within their community.

Wally paints many of themes that were painted by his grandfather, the Devil Devil, coffin logs and bones. He has developed a unique style that brings together traditional techniques with bold and contemporary use of colour. He is also a sculptor, working with wood and found objects. Wally’s sculptures continue in the same trajectory as his paintings - they tell story’s, sometimes about culture, sometimes about the effect the Manunga (white fella) have had on his people and country.

Since 2003, he has been associated with Ngukurr Art Centre and he recently became the Chairman of Ngukurr Arts and is very proactive in working and looking after the Art Centre.