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Walala Tjapaltjarri


Tingari - Men's Creation Dreaming  |  30h x 29w  |  RK234

Not stretched or framed  |  Acrylic on canvas

Like his brother, Thomas Tjapaltjarri, Walala paints Tingari - Men's Creation Dreaming which represents many sacred sites of his Country – such as Wilkinkarra, Maruwa, Tarrku, Njami and Yarrawangu, to name a few. These are locations of significant rockholes, sandhills, sacred mountains and water soakage’s in the Gibson Desert.

Walala always uses strong, earthy colours which are reflective of the traditional ochres used by Men during ceremony. His has a strong structural element to his painting style and his 'Tingari' paintings are always detailed and quite symmetric. This is the element that defines his artwork from his brothers.

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