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Audrey Morton Kngwarreye


Alpitye/Bush Flowers, 2022  | 30h x 30w  |  RK770

Not stretched or framed  |  Acrylic on canvas

Audrey Morton Kngwarreye (b. 1952) is the daughter of fellow Utopia artist Mary Morton Kemarre. Her sisters Lucky, Sarah and Ruby Morton are also well known in the Aboriginal art industry. Along with her mother and sisters, Audrey participated in batik workshops that were held in Utopia from 1977 to 1987. Her work is represented in the Holmes á Court Collection which was exhibited extensively within Australia and abroad.

Audrey, like her sisters, paints an extraordinary variety of stories which they say come from two Countries. These countries are Ngkwarlerlaneme and Arnkawenyerr of which she belongs to. Audrey can also paint the ceremonial body paint designs belonging to these countries and also her mother's country Antarrengeny. This painting is inspired by the Dreamtime story of the Ilyarn or Ilyarnayt, a rare and attractive plant growing throughout Central Australia (In this work, Audrey depicts the leaves and flowers of this plant)

Audrey's stories and subjects include: Ilyarnayt (Acacia validinervia), My Country, Awelye (Women's Ceremony), Alpeyt (Wild Flowers), Rainbow Dreaming (Boor-la-da), Tharrkarr (Sweet Honey Grevillea) and Yerrampe (Honey Ant).

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