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Metro Village Apartments Collection

This page is exclusively for residents of Metro Village Apartments (Rosebery, NSW) only.

We offer fellow Metro Village residents 20% off the following 40 selected paintings and our full range of woven raffia baskets. These paintings come already 'stretched' or 'framed' and are ready-to-hang on your wall.

To receive your 20% discount, you must do the following:

1. Enter the promo code METRO20 during your online 'checkout' to receive your discount, and
2. Choose 'local pickup' to avoid delivery charges being added to your order.


Even if you don't make a purchase from us today, you can support us and help us grow by following us on Facebook (Red Kangaroo Gallery) or Instagram (@redkangaroogallery) or by sharing our details with your Family or Friends.

If you have any questions, or to view a painting, please contact Jason on 0403 063 200. We are located at Unit 214, Level 4 Winchester Building.