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Ben Stack

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Sapphire II, Winter 1997 | 125h x 104w | RK004

Framed: Wood  |  Acrylic on canvas

Ben Stack is amongst the most energetic abstract painters in Australia. Producing large scale contemporary abstract artworks, his vivid and colourful paintings have a huge presence in corporate and private residences throughout Australia and the world.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1959, he moved to Sydney, in 1994. His arrival in Sydney was a dramatic moment as he saw for the first time; our bright blue, cloudless skies surrounding our beautiful Harbour. It was, he recalls "an extremely visual moment which has inspired my work ever since".

With an inventive relish for the effects of paint, he has managed to combine a distinctive and recognizable style through his ‘signature’ brush strokes and vivid colours. Creating a 3D illusion with air brushed shadows behind unique brush strokes. Each of his works has a distinctive depth and intrigue about them, which makes them easily recognizable and distinguishable artworks.


Private Collection
Red Kangaroo Gallery, Sydney, NSW

This painting does not come with a photo of the Artist holding the work.

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