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Wally Wilfred


Woman's Tools  |  44h x 30w (Paper size: 55h x 38w)  |  RK694

Unframed  |  Linocut print on archival artisan paper  | Edition 5 of 10

Since 2003, Wally Wilfred has been associated with Ngukurr Art Centre, developing a unique style that brings together traditional techniques with bold and a contemporary use of colour. Continuing in the footsteps of his grandfather Sambo (Djambo) Barra Barra Wally’s work explores traditional and present day culture with history and storytelling.

More recently, Wally has been developing his skills as a sculptor working with wood and found objects. Wally’s sculptures continue in the same trajectory as his paintings. They tell story’s, sometimes-about culture, sometimes about the effect the Manunga (white fella) have had on his people and country.

“In the olden days they usually go out with women’s weapons, axe, dilly bag, yam stick, they also usually carry their baby with them in their guluman. They carry the wild yams and bush potatoes in the dilly bag too.” – Wally Wilfred

(Please note: this linocut has a white border, the artwork is signed by artist on front within this border.)


Ngukurr Arts CentreNgukurr NT
Red Kangaroo Gallery, Sydney, NSW

This linocut does not come with a photo of the artist holding the work.

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