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Emily Pwerle


Awelye (Women's Ceremony) Atnwengerrp  |  75h x 75w  |  RK734

Not stretched or framed  |  Acrylic on primed linen

Emily Pwerle (c1922) is the sister of another very well known artist, Minnie Pwerle. She comes from the area of Utopia, also known as Urauntja, which lies 300 km northeast of Alice Springs. Her name is pronounced Pooh-la, and is also spelled Apwerl, Pwerl and Pula.

Emily paints ‘Awelye Atnwengerrp’ with colourful energetic lines and symbols richly layered upon the canvas. These represent the designs that the women paint on their bodies during ‘Awelye’, the women’s ceremonies for Atnwengerrp.

In 2004, Emily and her other sisters (Molly and Galya Pwerle) were encouraged to paint by Minnie's daughter, Barbara Weir. Emily still lives within the Atnwengerrp community with her two sisters and many extended family members and still enjoying painting.

Emily is a prolific and talented artist whose work has been exhibited extensively throughout Australia, as well as in Korea, New York, Pittsburgh and Washington.


Mbantua Gallery, Alice Springs NT
Red Kangaroo Gallery, Sydney, NSW


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