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Gracie Morton Pwerle


Bush Plum Dreaming  |  90h x 60w  |  RK632

Not Stretched or framed  |  Acrylic on primed linen

Gracie Morton Pwerle (Ngale) is an Alyawarre woman from the Utopia region of Central Australia. Utopia is an old outstation located 270km North East of Alice Springs. She was born around 1956 and is part of a family of well-established artists. Her family includes Gloria, Kathleen and Ada Bird Petyarre.

She was part of the Batik movement that swept across the Utopia region in the mid 1970s. Batik is an Indonesian dying technique used on various types of fabrics. It was not until the late 1980s that Gracie began painting on canvas. 

Gracie’s primary subject in her artwork is Arnwekety (Bush Plum) and through her artwork she depicts the changing seasonal influences on the plant. She creates a wonderful lyricism in her artworks, causing a three-dimensional visual effect that guides the observer through the soft outward reaching fields of colour.

Gracie’s artworks are represented in major private collections including the Holmes à Court Collection and her artworks are exhibited regularly throughout Australia. She has been a part of international exhibitions in China, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands.

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