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Kaylene Nangala


Women's Ceremony | 120h x 90w  | RK225

Not framed or stretched | Acrylic on Belgian Linen

Kaylene is from the Pintupi language group, she was born in circa 1970 at Willowra. She is a talented artist and has been painting since the early 90’s. Kaylene spends most of her time in Alice Springs as a full time artist and on occasions will return to her homeland, The Kintore Community.

This traditional painting depicts Women’s sacred ceremonial sites that were created by the Tingari Ancestors in the Dreamtime.  Tingari men & women travelled over vast stretchers of land performing rituals and creating and shaping particular sites. Tingari men were usually followed by Tingari women and accompanied by young novices; their travels and adventures are enshrined in a number of song cycles. The designs are often powerful geometric shapes and abstract markings traditionally decorated on shields, painted on the body for ceremonies and in ground paintings. These stories are used as part of the teachings given to young women who are passing through initiation, as well as providing explanations for contemporary customs.

Kaylene is one of Papunya Tula’s rising stars artists whose artworks are sought by collectors worldwide. 

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