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Lucky Morton Kngwarreye


Alpitye/Bush Flowers | 120h x 90w | RK279

Not stretched or framed  |  Acrylic on canvas

Lucky Morton Kngwarreye is the oldest daughter of fellow Utopian artist Mary Morton Kemarre. She participated in batik workshops that were held in Utopia from 1977 to 1987 with her mother and younger siblings. 

Like most other batik artists living in Utopia, Lucky made the transition to painting in the summer of 1988-9 as part of CAAMA's 'The First works on Canvas, a Summer Project'. With a more adaptable and effortless medium, Lucky continued to paint with acrylics and has travelled both to Sydney and Melbourne for exhibitions featuring her work. Lucky has also worked briefly with wood sculpture.

When Lucky was growing up she attended a bush school near Hatcher's Creek which is North East of Utopia and spent her childhood years growing up around Kurrajong Camp in Utopia and MacDonnell Downs Station. For many years, Lucky has attended Bachelor College in Alice Springs which has seen her travel to Darwin and Tenant Creek for further education.

Lucky paints an extraordinary variety of stories which she says comes from two Countries. These countries are Ngkwarlerlaneme and Arnkawenyerr of which she belongs. Lucky can also paint the ceremonial body paint designs belonging to these countries and also her mother's country Antarrengeny.

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