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Lynette Corby Nungurrayi


Tree Roots | 90h x 150w | RK520

Not framed or stretched | Acrylic on canvas

Lynette Corby Nungurrayi is also known as Lynette Daniels Nungurrayi. She was born 1st July 1958 at Haasts Bluff and comes from the region of Papunya, Yamuturrngu (Mt Liebig) in the Northern Territory. She is from the Luritja language group.

Lynette started painting around 1990 for Papunya Tula Artists and currently paints for them as well as for Watiwayanu Artists. She depicts stories such as the Witchetty Grub, Snake and Woman's dreamings.

In her earlier style paintings, she used some traditional iconography and realistic motifs of bush foods, implements and human figures. Lynette’s more recent paintings display a departure from using realistic elements and a move into an abstract depiction of stories.

Lynette's paintings have gained in popularity with galleries and private collectors.

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