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Introducing Anna Tilmouth Napangardi

Anna Tilmouth Anna Tilmouth Napangardi Atnyerlenge Native fuchsia

Anna Tilmouth Napangardi is daughter to June Bird and Johnny Tilmouth. She is also the granddaughter to well known Utopia artist Ada Bird Petyarre (deceased). Anna has grown up with a strong tradition of painting. When she was younger, she accompanied her grandmother on trips to Melbourne and she now shows a confidence in her own painting style, often experimenting with new designs and use of colours.
Anna paints several subjects including: Atnyerlenge (Native Fuchsia), Awelye (Women's Ceremony) and Imuna (Bush Food). The Atnyerlenge (Native fuchsia) plant is an important plant in her Country because of the sweet honey found in its flowers. The honey is usually sucked straight from the flower. The Atnyerlenge has beautiful red flowers and is found all over her country. In this painting she depicts the flowers of this plant and its seeds (dot work). Anna says, 'We boil the leaves in water and crush. Good bush medicine. Good for itches, cough, sores and headache. We use boiled water (it's green) for wash.'
Anna is an artist to watch and her artworks have a strong following.

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