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Introducing Meredith Curley

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yangkuntjatjara Lands APY Lands David [Kun] Curley Ernabella Imitjala Curley Meredith Curley

Meredith Curley is an artist from Ernabella in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yangkuntjatjara (APY) Lands. Meredith is the daughter of acclaimed artists, Imitjala Curley and David [Kun] Curley (deceased), she is one of five Sisters including artists, Madeline and Maria Curley.

As the daughter of a senior traditional woman, Meredith holds cultural knowledge relating to the Ngapari - sugar leaf or lerp - Tjukurpa at Watarru. Her connection to the Kampurparpa Tjukurpa in the Walytjitjata region is through her mother’s mother, Puni Puni. It is a small homeland just over the Northern Territory border about 46km north of Kalka on the APY Lands. Meredith also paints a major Dreamtime story from her country, being the ‘Ngintaka’ story. This is a significant story about a lizard man who stole a grinding stone and was subsequently pursued across country before meeting his fate. In these works, Meredith depicts the cave where the Ngintaka and his wife, the Echidna, were on honeymoon in a cave. They ate a sweet treat which is a chrysalis that is found on eucalyptus leaves.

Meredith is an emerging artist to follow, and her work is popular with collectors in Australia and overseas.

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