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Sarah Morton Kngwarreye

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Ilyarnayt Flower  | 60h x 30w  |  RK133

Stretched (not framed)  |  Acrylic on canvas

Sarah Morton Kngwarreye (1961-2019) was an Alyawarre woman from Ngkwarlerlaneme Community in the Utopia Homelands, Central Australia. She was the third daughter of Utopian artist Mary Morton Kemarre and second wife to Louie Pwerle. Sarah, with her mother and sisters, Lucky, Audrey, Ruby, Janice and Hazel, were all part of the batik workshops in the 1980’s at Utopia. 

Sarah began painting in the summer of 1988-9 as part of the CAAMA batik project with the Utopia women’s paintings: ‘The First works on Canvas, A Summer Project’. She continued to paint with acrylics on canvas and has also participated in batik work, and wood sculptures.

Sarah lived a semi traditional lifestyle dividing her time between Alice Springs and the remote outpost of Ngkwarlerlaneme. She was renowned for her precise and intricate dotting style and fine delicate flowers.

Her work is featured in the ‘Robert Holmes a Court’ exhibition and collection which has toured extensively within Australia and abroad.

Please Note: This Artist passed away in 2019 and out of respect for Aboriginal culture, we have removed the photograph of this Artist holding this artwork from our website.

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