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Untitled 2014 Stencil (94 vandal, yellow)  | 50h x 60w | RK006

Framed: White  |  Aerosol and acrylic on canvas

Camo is a Sydney based street artist. He started tagging buses when he was about 14 and now he mainly creates street art with stencils. He enjoys painting outside and adding colour to the streets, He likes the idea of making someone smile on their walk to work.

Coming from a more traditional graffiti background, he has a liking for the street but has more recently started exhibiting his work including; The Blacktown Art Prize (2013), Stencil Art Prize (2014) and most recently Urban Art – Parked! (2015).

Camo's works have also been published including 'Planet Banksy' and he has been commissioned by Maitland Council and various Sydney cafés and restaurants for his works.


Gallery 448, Sydney, NSW
Red Kangaroo Gallery, Sydney, NSW

This painting does not come with a photo of the artist holding the work.

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