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Karen Rogers


Owl  |  46h x 30w (Paper size: 51×37cm) |  RK644

Unframed  |  Linocut print on archival artisan paper

Karen Rogers lives in Ngukurr. Ngukurr, formerly known as Roper River Mission, is a remote Aboriginal community on the banks of the Roper River in southern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. There are a number of different clans and language groups represented in the town, with Kriol being the main language spoken. 

Karen is an artist and printmaker at Ngukurr Arts. Her grandmother and her sisters were artists, and they inspired her to become an one too. Her artwork often shows the country where she grew up. Inspired by community life and culture in Ngukurr.

'In our culture we are not allowed to paint our own dreaming, so I like to paint my mother’s and grandmother’s dreamings. They are magurrmagurr (dragonfly), langgurna (magpie goose), ngurru (catfish) and ngakngak (white-breasted sea eagle). When I paint these things I like to tell their stories to my children and grandchildren.' - Karen Rogers

As well as her amazing linocuts and screen prints, Karen enjoys painting with acrylic paints and making digital designs. She has also written a picture book in Kriol and English called Main Abija, which is a story about her memories of her grandfather.

(Please note: this linocut has a white border, the artwork is signed by artist on front within this border.)


Ngukurr Arts CentreNgukurr NT
Red Kangaroo Gallery, Sydney, NSW

This linocut print does not come with a photo of the artist holding the work.

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