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Roseanne Morton

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Bush Plum Dreaming, 2022  |  88h x 200w  |  RK820

Stretched (no frame)  |  Acrylic on canvas

Roseanne Morton (b.1984) was born at Boundry Bore, Utopia and is the daughter of the highly renowned and respected artist Gracie Morton Pwerle. Roseanne continues to live in Utopia with her husband, Papunya artist, James Morris and their children.

By painting the Bush Plum Dreaming, Artists pay respect & homage to the Bush Plum and encourage its continual rejuvenation. The white dots in this painting represent the tracks of women collecting the Bush Plums as explained by Roseanne.

Roseanne is considered the third, and next, generation of Utopian artists from the Petyarre/Pwerle family. She paints several dreaming stories, such as Kangaroo dreaming, Body Paint designs and Bush Plum dreaming.

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